Roll FM

Sometimes We Rock, But Always We ROLL!


Roll FM was born out of frustration towards the music that commercial radio stations played in Finland. We want to bring a real option opposite the dull, crappy  music, which dominates the airwaves today.

We play everything that ROLLS, everything between Spinal Tap and Rick Astley. Noted genres as rock, pop, blues, jazz, folk, country, funk, soul, cajun, bluegrass and indie.

“Sometimes we rock, but always we ROLL.”

Roll FM’s radio programs consists of not only the superb music, including several exciting programs, not forgetting a wide range of special guests. We have all kinds of hosts; both amateurish dabblers and experienced professionals.

Our programs are diverse and offer the audience an original, often somewhat confusing experiences with humor, culture, sport, politics and of course, basic facets of the music. Also live music can be heard in our shows.

We try to avoid useless giggling. Bullshit jargon is also not desirable in our channel. If you are looking for unnatural positivity and tiring chit chat, we will probably not be the right channel for you.

Thus, we decided to set up a radio station for playing “the best music on earth, the whole universe and all the parallels.”



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